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First Time Licensing

Please fill in the following form and provide scans/photos of the required official records about your pet. This process may take one to two weeks to register your pet. The quickest way to register your pet is to attend our office at 121 Pine Valley Blvd during office hours, or contact our office at 519-685-1330 to setup an appointment for an officer to register your new pet at your door.

1. Upload a scan/photo of valid breeder or vet records that show the breed of your pet (PDF/JPEG)

2. Upload a scan/photo of valid rabies vaccination records from your vet (PDF/JPEG)

3. If applicable, please upload a scan/photo showing proof of your spay or neuter (PDF/JPEG)

4. Please upload a scan/photo of your pet (JPEG)

5. Please upload a second scan/photo of your pet (optional) (JPEG)

6. If applicable, please enter the name of your microchip company
7. If applicable, please enter the actual microchip number
8. Please enter your first name
9. Please enter your last name
10. Please enter your email address
11. Please enter your full residential address.
12. Please enter any contact phone numbers (one per line please).
13. If applicable, please enter any co-owner information.
14. If applicable, please add any additional information here.