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London Animal Care Centre – Municipal Animal Services

The City of London provides limited 24 hour emergency services for sick or injured animals.

Our answering service receives calls after hours, and we respond to emergencies involving pets and wildlife. If you find injured wildlife, an injured dog or cat, please call our emergency officer at 519-685-1640. If you find a pet with no identification after hours, we would ask that you provide shelter for it overnight, call us in the morning to arrange for the pet to come to the Animal Care Centre.

If you have found a dog with a City of London license or a cat with a City of London cat identification tag, call the emergency officer at 519-685-1640 and they will provide you with the owner's telephone number.

If you have a medical emergency involving your own pet, or if you wish to assume responsibility for the medical expenses of an injured pet, please click HERE to view the London Regional Vet Emergency Hours Information. You can also call After Hours London Regional Vet Emergency and Referral Hospital 519-432-3300.

If you have lost your pet, please click here to submit a lost pet report.