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Have you lost your pet?

Please call: 519.685.1330

If you have lost your pet, we understand that this is a very upsetting time for you and your family. There are several things you can do.

1) You may create a lost report for either your cats or dogs by clicking the buttons above, and call us during business hours and place a lost pet report 519.685-1330.

2) Tell your neighbours and canvass your neighbourhood - some people find shaking the kibble bag brings their pets running.

3) Post signs in your neighbourhood (we have samples)

4) Come down to the London Animal Care Centre each day to check our "Pets in Waiting" who have been brought to the shelter.

5) Call all the regional animal shelters and local veterinarians - some veterinarians will allow you to post a notice at their office. London Lost Pets is another valuable resource for reporting your lost pet:

Lost Dogs & Cats

Given the number of dogs and cats within the shelter at any given time, we ask that you upload a photo of your dog or cat at the time you submit your lost report online.

A photo assists in making a positive identification if the pet is brought to the shelter or viewed by a finder online at the time you submit your lost report.