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Lost and Found Pets

How we can help. - 519.685.1330

The automated online lost & found reporting centre is an excellent tool available to the community to report lost & found pets (see buttons below).
We have reports coming in every day for cats and dogs that have been lost and those that have been found in the City of London.
Reports arrive every day. When a report is filed online, they are cross-referenced within the database against previously submitted lost & found reports and pets currently in our care. Potential matches are then sent to the individual who has reported a pet lost or found if they select that option.

Shelter Services

We encourage people who have lost their pets, to please come down and walk through the "Pets in Waiting," area to see if your pet is already staying with us, and also view animals currently being cared for at the shelter by clicking on the HAVE YOU LOST YOUR PET button below.