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Report A Found Pet

If you have found a pet, London Animal Care Centre has a centralized lost and found reporting service to help connect pets with their owners. When a report is filed online, they are cross-referenced within the database against previously submitted lost & found reports and pets currently in our care. Potential matches are then sent to the individual who has reported a pet lost or found if they select that option.

Found Kittens?

Make a Found Report

If you have found a lost or stray cat or dog, and you have it at your home, please call 519.685.1330 to place a found pet report. If the pet is wearing a City of London tag, please write down the number and give it to us when you call. If the tag is current, we will be able to give you the owner's phone number. If there is no identification, use the button at the top of the page to make a found report. These reports are cross referenced with submitted lost reports and animals in the shelter. We will take a description of the pet and try to match the report to current lost pet reports.

Shelter Services

When the pet is in the shelter we have a better chance of connecting the pet with its owner. We are able to provide a better description of its appearance and behaviour to possible owners who call us, and we have people checking with us by coming in every day to if their pet has been brought to the shelter.

The other significant reason to have a lost or stray pet come to a shelter is so that it can be scanned for a microchip. Not all pets have been microchipped, but for the ones who have been, the chip can be used to trace the pet to their owner. There is no way to tell if a pet has been microchipped by looking at it. It needs to be scanned, which is a pain-free process, in order to know.

If you choose to provide shelter

We recognize that some people feel uncomfortable bringing a lost pet to a shelter. If you choose to keep the lost pet at your home, then we would ask you to make a found report here. Please respond to the phone calls of people looking for a lost pet that we will direct to you.

  1. It is often very helpful to post Found Pet posters around your neighbourhood and up to a mile radius.
  2. Contacting or sending notices to other local animal shelters, animal organizations, veterinarians, pet stores and grocery stores can be helpful.
  3. Please stay in touch with us, and together we will do our best to find the owners.